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Boxer puppy intussusception

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We recently got a boxer puppy, and love her so much. She is great with our son, and a very loving dog. The only problem that we have with her, is that 10 days after we got her, she was discovered to have intestinal intussusception and had to have major surgery, removing about 2 feet of her bowels. Ever since then, she has had diarrhea, and we are hard pressed to find anything to stop it. The only thing that has helped so far is the prescription ID canned food that is specifically designed for dogs with intestinal issues, but at $3 dollars per can, we can't keep her on that forever.

We would appreciate any insight or help that you can provide. She is having a hard time putting weight back on since her surgery 6 weeks ago, and we can't potty train her since she can't control when the diarrhea hits.

Thank you in advance.
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We are definitely willing. We have been trying her on boiled chicken and rice with some success, but it's been inconsistent. Thank you for the link. I will check that out!
Try ground low fat turkey it works great for us.
Thank you for the advice! The ID food is turkey based, so hopefully that will work well for her.
If you are going to be home cooking for her for more then a week or two make sure to get a vitamin and mineral supplement. One that I use and like is Nupro Max. Here's there website, Dogs | Dog Vitamin Supplements Dog Vitamins Arthritis Dogs Treatments there are other brands that you can use just research whatever one that you may decide to use.
Thank you for the advice! The ID food is turkey based, so hopefully that will work well for her.
Yes you will need vitamins if you continue to home cook. These work well for us. I like these because there in no meat in them. My dog is meat sensitive so I have to be carful. Most have some kind of meat in them.
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