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Bottle of hot sauce exploded on my dog

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I was coming in the bags of grocery with my dog. Apparently a bottle of extra spicy salsa wasn't packaged properly and broke open while I was coming in, conveniently over my dog. He got a little on his head, though none in his eyes. And quite a lot all over his back and tail. This isn't just regular salsa from a jar - it's from a Mexican grocery store that specializes in extra hot homemade sauces.

I immediately threw him in the tub and washed it all off.

A couple hours later, though, he is constantly licking his anus (which he does often anyway) but his anus is bright red and appear inflamed. I'm guessing he managed to lick his body and then lick his anus and got some of it on.

Ideas on how I should handle this? I wiped his anus with a wet paper towel. Not sure if there's anything else I should do or if I should just wait it out.
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I would say if he's still doing fine otherwise, give it 24 hours, then call a vet if he's still having issues. I'm more inclined to think that it'll just wear off, honestly. Your biggest concern is pretty much him having an allergic reaction, so I would go ahead and give some Benadryl.
Try rinsing him thoroughly with milk. I know it seems like a waste of milk but it should take the heat off.
Just wait, it's just uncomfortable, not toxic. He'll be fine in a bit.
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