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Border Collie being overly protective / aggressive

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I have a very sweet border collie but lately I have been having trouble with something. She has become very protective about her stuff or place, so whenever I go picknicking or camping, and another dog walks by (sometimes she does this with humans as well) and comes bit too close, she becomes aggressive towards the other dog guarding her 'people' and stuff.
I do not know how to handle or prevent this from happening, she is actually really good with other dogs unless they come into her zone or try to drink from her bowl or steal her ball.
She was also raised as the only dog in the family so she never really learned to share.
Thanks for the help!
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This is called "resource guarding" or "claiming". It's important to deal with it sooner rather than later so it doesn't get too anchored in his behaviour.

Take a look at this book or one like it (I just recommended it a few minutes ago in another thread but I can assure you I have no association whatsoever with the book or the author, it just happens to be a book that I read and I found it useful).

This book will help you get a clearer picture of what is happening and may help you find some ways to deal with it. If the behaviour is firmly entrenched then it might be more useful to hire a professional to evaluate him and offer a course of action.
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