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Border collie/Australian shepherd mix does not shed ?

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Hey guys new here ! I’m just trying to find out a little Information on why my girl here doesn’t shed ! She’s 1 year and a few months Australian shepherd/ border collie mix. Since getting her I haven’t found a single hair around my house and I would know cause I’m sweeping and vacuuming husky hair all day hahaha. Not even when I brush her barely any hair comes out. I find it odd though and not sure if it’s normal. I guess I will ask her vet at her next appointment but wanted to see if anyone on here might have some insight.
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My guess is she might have a breed in her that does not shed. Even if the is mostly Australian Shepherd/Border Collie, there could be another non shedding breed in her mix.
She might have a low shedding breed crossed in. She might also be a more seasonal shedder. Our German Shepherds and northern dogs seemed to shed continuously with extra explosions of loose hair in spring and fall. My friends' Aussies seem to shed more moderately. They'll mat up if they don't get brushed, especially during shedding season, but they aren't ejecting a continuous stream of hairy tumbleweeds the way our spitz and GSD types did.
I have a border collie/Australian shepherd mix. I didn't notice much in the way of shedding until he reached closer to maturity - just shy of 2 yrs. old. He doesn't shed much at all, but it does get a little more noticeable/apparent,( but not a big 'blowing the coat') - in the spring and fall.
Is she spayed? A spayed dog will not blow her coat, and shedding behavior will be altered. In any event, she will be a double-coated dog so attention will be needed to keep the undercoat under control.
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