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Bike Leash Attachment

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I have a couple of bicycles and also an adult tricycle, which is heavier and slower. (I actually go grocery shopping with it sometimes because it has a large sturdy basket).
I've ordered an attachment so I can take the dogs with me on short rides (not to the store, I do not leave my dogs tied out in public), since I go slower on the tricycle and it is almost impossible to tip over on level ground.
Have any of y'all used a bike leash attachment and how did it work out for you?
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There are various types of leash attachment - which one are you going to use?

I've only ever leashed my dogs to bikes during the training period, as I am able to take them to areas where they can run off leash with the bike. If I were going to use a leash attachment the Springer would be my choice

I taught all my dogs to get used to a bike on a leash initially, with me walking, just pushing the bike, making sure the dogs stayed at my side and not run in front of the bike. I would then mount the bike and just push along with my feet at slow speed, then start pedalling, increasing speed until I could ride with the dog running along. But always at the speed that was right for the dog.

Once this was accomplished I would let them off leash and they would trot besides me. Sometimes they would stop to investigate something and then had to catch up. But we all had a good time. My dogs are too old now to do any kind of vigorous exercise, more of a potter around.

Hope you will find biking with your dogs enjoyable, just take the training slowly and have fun.
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Mine goes straight out. It is working wonderfully. I bicycle slowly and we go out shortly after 6AM and they get some good exercise. Later in the day it is just too hot to go do anything that involves walking with them.
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