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While we all want to support our favorite animal welfare charity, sometimes it’s not possible to do so financially.

If you’re interested in supporting your favorite organization but don’t have the dollars to donate, consider a creative donation instead.

Donate Time
Animal welfare organizations always need extra hands. Shelters need dog walkers and socializers. They need people to scoop litter boxes and play with cats. They also need volunteers to take adoptable pets to adoption events and foster homes to help adjust adoptable pets before they’re ready to go into a home. Our local humane association sends volunteers to specific spots around town—grocery stores, bars, cafes and more—to hang up posters featuring the newest batch of adoptable animals. Other volunteers are needed to pick up supplies like bleach and paper towels from stores or collect donations from supply drives. You might be needed to staff an information booth at a fair or hand out water bottles at the group’s annual 5k. Whether you have a few hours each week or a few hours each month, your local animal welfare organization has a task for you.

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Beyond Dollars: How to Support Animal Welfare Creatively | The Honest Kitchen Blog
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