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Best vitamins for mobility/brain??

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I have a rather elderly little dog, Lottie, she's 16 and her mobility is getting a little slower. Her back legs are slightly stiff and take a second to catch up, and her back has become rather arched over the years. Does anyone have suggestions for a really good mobility vitamin available in the UK? Also if any help with brain power, as she seems to be a little slower in her mind too?
She has had kidney failure in the past so I need one that will not affect that. I would absolutely love some recommendations! Thank you!
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Glucosamine chondroitin msm is good for joints. Turmeric is said to be an anti inflammatory. I use both for my boys, they are both over ten now. Fish oil(omega 3 fatty acids) are also said to be an anti inflammatory and good for brain health too. Anti oxidants are good for the brain, fish oil, vitamin C, Co Q 10 and others. Milk thistle is good for the liver and kidneys.
Can't edit my post. I had to go feed Freyja her breakfast, and she wasn't letting me forget it.

I give my dogs all those but the milk thistle. I had upped Vegas's fish oil and Vitamin C when he started acting strange. Sometimes he would seem spaced out, or forgetful. It almost seemed like he had Alzheimer's or something like that. I think he may have canine cognitive disorder(CCD). After increasing those vitamins he seems to be better, not as spaced out at times. I also increased all my guys activities. We'd been slacking off, partly because Nevada who passed away one year ago couldn't go on our walks anymore and she wanted to. I felt bad leaving her at home and the boys were happy to sleep. So increased activity, which is hard for older dog, I know and the anti oxidants seems to help. It may not work for your dog, but it can't hurt to try. I also give my dogs the same vitamins I take. I order from an online supplier and am very happy with the quality. IMO there is no need to spend extra money on 'dog' vitamins.
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This did wonders for my hound he is 11 and running like a pup again. He was on a glucosamine product for a couple of years and it seemed to stop working so I went hunting and found this. It has glucosamine in it but got to be the mussels them selves that is the key. I started with this, read the clinical trials thats what made me try it
I got it from a health food site, since you are un the UK that may be easier for you. The human formulas are always made more carefully anyway. You can get the dosage off the dog site.
Swanson Premium New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel, Freeze Dried 500 mg 60 Caps - Swanson Health Products
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