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Best site for finding a dog?

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Okay, I have been looking on through all the animal shelters for several counties around me. I looking at every dog they have. I would say roughly, 60% of what they have is some kind of Pit mix, 30% is Chihuahua mix, 8% Random Large breed dogs, 2% very old small dogs. I have no interest at all owning anything with pit in it, not really fond of Chihuahuas, I don't want any large breed dog, and I don't want to make an emotional investment in a dog that might die in the next couple of years.

I have tried using to locate a dog to go check out, and it keeps saying no dogs match. It also does not work very well. If I choose, "YOUNG" it comes up with 10 year old dogs.

I also went down to the local SPCA and looked through their dogs and found nothing.

I want to go dog hunting today, but I can't even find a place to start. Can anyone recommend a good site for searching?
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I found my dog there. But while waiting for him I saw a tone of dogs that fit my criteria (Hound, Adult, Good with Cats).
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@John Howard I am not sure what kind of dog you are looking for but I know that just doing a cursory check

On the Petfinder site (random sampling of dog breeds):
Hounds - 3,167
Beagle - 3,995
Labrador Retrievers - 13,389
Border Collie - 2,017
Dachshund - 3,027
German Shepard - 3,742
Pitt Bull Terrier -15,346
Chihuahua - 10,588

So it doesn't surprise me that a Chihuahua or a Pitt Bull Terrier are some of the most prevalent dog breeds/mixes in shelters every where.

As baselines I did some quick runs looking for beagles and beagle mixes (I also threw in some other good "low to medium energy family lapdog dog" breeds/mixes):

Austin, TX:


Basset Hound-
Mission : Houston Street Dogs

Dallas, TX:

Animal Details

Mini Schnauzer/Beagle-
Dogs – Canine Soulmates

Basset Hound/Beagle:
Noel's Web Page

Mini Schnauzer Mix-
Pets Available for Adoption @ Fuzzy Friends Rescue, Waco, Texas!for-adoption/c1mk7

Huston, TX:

Dachshund/Beagle Mix-
Adoptable Dogs & Puppies

Australian Shepherd/Cavalier King Charles Mix -

Australian Terrier/Norwich Terrier Mix-
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@John Howard
I think that a Basset Hound or Basset Hound/Mix may be a good fit for what you are looking for. They are really great family dogs. My cousin has had 3 beagles over the years are 2 have had minor bites both because children did not listen (repeatedly chased, cornered them, pulled their ears and the dogs could not be removed before these nips happened). Nina her current Beagle is much better with children then the last two.
All the dogs I liked at our insane fanatical shelters that won't even talk to you unless you have filled out an adoption application (no wonder I can't any responses from them), and then only after they have reviewed your application and talked with your vet first. It's insane!
I had to have a filled out adoption application and give approval for them to talk to my vet before they would talk to me about my dog. Then I had to have a home visit and sign papers saying that I would leash my new dog while he was inside my fence till he was comfortable so he didn't run away. I waited for 6+ months for this whole process to be completed meanwhile my dog was sitting in a high kill shelter for part of that time and then a dog day care the rest of the time. But this rescue doesn't have dog returns, it doesn't have dog run aways, and they truly care about the animals.

I am glad I jumped through the hoops because Trucker is an AWESOME addition to my life. But the hoops do make you feel like you are a child but they are trying to protect the animals (animals who have already had hard lives).
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Example of an insane requirement: I saw a rescue that had the requirement that if you wanted to adopt a dog from them, you couldn't work out of the home for 8 hours/day :eek: Personally, without my job, I couldn't feed a dog so....
Trucker's rescue has this requirement. I had to guarantee he would have a dog walker if I was going to be gone more than 8 hours a day. An exception was made in my super reactive dog's case. They will also not adopt a puppy to a person who will leave it I think more than 4 hours at a time. I both understand (they are a city rescue and people who adopt for them generally work crazy long hours) and think it is crazy (I have to have a job to provide for my pets, myself, and pay my bills).
@Aspen726 I can't wait till Trucker is ready for that. Right now he is my world in the comfort of his home and I talk about him to everyone everywhere else :).

I too would probably not go though the same rescue but that's okay. But there will be a next time with another pup in need of a second chance.

Dog's are full time commitments (same a children) and I think that a lot of the crazy requirements stem from rescues not wanting people to misunderstand this. I see too many local SPCA dog's get returned for no apparent reason other than they were just too much.
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I am pretty sure I I just heard a load of B.S. spewed and to top it I suggested a Basset Hound which you agreed would fit your life style you just didn't want to go through the process!! You saw RED FLAG'S from the start and ignored them because you wanted a quick dog and chose a breed that was not compatible. I am sorry this happened and I am sorry for the dog.
Breeders are generally less strict than shelters or rescues but I think a part of that is due to the fact that people are spending at least three times as much money as what they would adopting a dog and a person is possibly more likely to put more thought into the process of getting a dog and spending that money.
I am not sure about Breeder vs Rescue requirements (I do know that they could have told me that another dog would have fit me better) but I do know that I could have bought a Redbone Puppy for cheaper than it was to adopt Trucker (oh well I got the one I wanted :D).
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Oh goodness I just got to his last response. The only thing that crossed my mind was this man would kill off half of society if he got the chance. He also would probably be the guy who 100% believe in adverse training methods because they "teach" those lower life forms what I want them to do.

I just have to leave this thread. Have a nice day.
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