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Clearly, based on the resistance and how far off-base many comments here appear to be, there is an information-gathering bias that appears much like ignorance - when information is available and not considered because the choice to remain uneducated on a given topic is made on purpose - repeatedly. Mostly, there is an assumption that I failed to consider other behavioral alternatives when this simply isn't true. I consulted a number of trainers and thought very seriously before making a choice.

It really serves no purpose to ignore the rules of this non- aversive forum and then presume to make assumptions of others by implying they are ignorant and/or uneducated. Many of us are well educated and fully aware of how and why those tools work (via suppressing behavior through the infliction of emotional and/or physical discomfort and/or pain) and are strongly opposed to the use of them.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts