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Best hiking boots / accessories for my dog?

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My dog and I hike... a lot. And lately he's just been accident prone.

A cut here, a scratch there, the works. :eyeroll:

Most recently his paws have been getting the worst of it.
Last time we went hiking, I spent the rest of the night removing a thorn from his pad.

I really want to try him with some hiking boots! But I've never bought them before and don't really know where to start?
- Best brand?
- Most durable?
- Prices?

So if any of you are avid hikers with your furpal I'd love some help!!!

P.s ; I could also use some help with other recommended accessories for hiking! (Mainly a backpack for him so I can start training him to wear it and a new leash that can handle a beating) But any type that you think works, helps me out! :thumbsup:

Thank you!!!
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Hi there!

Welcome to DF!

I love to hike with my girl!!

Here's the backpack we use: : Outward Hound Kyjen 2490 Dog Backpack, Large, Blue : Pet Backpacks : Pet Supplies

It's held up for 2 years of being used almost every weekend. It's a nice price point and fits well.

Her boots are: Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot: Pet Supplies

Also, no complaints.

As far as a leash... I typically hike off leash. The one that I bring is actually just a 20' length of rope that I had cut at the local hardware store and my boyfriend attached a clip to one end and made a handle at the other end. It's cheap so I don't care if it gets wrecked but it's actually more durable then most store bought leashes.

Any other questions, just ask! :)
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