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Best hiking boots / accessories for my dog?

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My dog and I hike... a lot. And lately he's just been accident prone.

A cut here, a scratch there, the works. :eyeroll:

Most recently his paws have been getting the worst of it.
Last time we went hiking, I spent the rest of the night removing a thorn from his pad.

I really want to try him with some hiking boots! But I've never bought them before and don't really know where to start?
- Best brand?
- Most durable?
- Prices?

So if any of you are avid hikers with your furpal I'd love some help!!!

P.s ; I could also use some help with other recommended accessories for hiking! (Mainly a backpack for him so I can start training him to wear it) But any type that you think works, helps me out! :thumbsup:

Thank you!!!
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I have used Ruffwear's Grip Trex boots and thought they were pretty awesome. At first, my dog walked all funny in them...but after just a few minutes her focus was back on the trail (and treats). Hope this helps.
I love hiking with my pup and go a fair bit. I actually just went backpacking with him this weekend. I highly recommend a waist leash with elastic in it like the Ruffwear roamer if you don't have something now. It is soooo much easier and there is much less of a risk of him pulling you down a steep slope. Trust me. The elastic is worth it. I like the hands free part too.

As for backpacks, I have a Ruffwear palisades pack. I like that you can take the saddle bags off and use it as just a harness. However! Dogs really can't carry their own stuff over the long run, or if they can, it usually isn't a ton of weight. They don't have the endurance for it. You will probably still have to carry a fair amount of his stuff, especially if you are backpacking. Shorter hikes shouldn't be an issue, and your pup can probably handle his own water no problem though. Just something to keep in mind.

I looove backpacking with my dog. Except when he barks at Coyotes ;)
Hands free dog leash could be helpful when hiking.
A thickened belt and durable leash are enough. I found this and it worked well.
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