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My best friends were born in late Dec 2000 on a north Georgia mountain top. At that time I had no idea how much these 2 guys would have affected my outlook on life. I watched them grow, develop their own personalities and in a way I can not describe, how deep my attachment would be for them. I took them to the mountains of Georgia and Carolina's, across middle America to Jackson hole Wyoming and all places in-between. When the economy got bad and things got tight and I was feeling a little down they would look at me and their eyes said to me don't worry! I always thought they understood me better than I understood myself! When a great DVM in Wyoming told me that Harley had cancer and that she could could put him down I said "no Way!" I took him to CSU Ft Collins,Co and got him the best medical treatment I could ( thanks CSU )! Harley became a tri paw, happy and alive for another 30 months. I am so thankful for the time I had with them. They rode in a Suburban, ate steak,fish,dear,chicken, eggs with their kibble, and sometimes fast food burgers too. If I said "lets ride" they would dance around and "talk" to me as if saying "lets go already". Every time I would tell em "time for chow" they would get excited run around and then sit, patiently waiting for me to tell them to go get it! But, time being time, and that nasty cancer that the great folks at CSU Ft Collins told me would eventually come back, did, and took Harley on Aug14.2014. Funny thing is his brother did not seem to care too much, I think I missed Harley more than he did. I had Rommel another 13 months , and up until the last 3 months of his life he was healthy,happy and in good spirits. Age and Time caught up with Rommel, Rommel always had a heart murmur, on Sept 11,2015 I said "Rommel lets ride" he got excited as he always did, ran around the car twice, and collapsed. He was gone. I miss them so, I learned so much from them, I am grateful for every second of time I had sharing my life with them and the memories I have. Well that just barley touches my story of 2 brothers from the same mother, my best friends. I have over 1100 photos, and 2 hrs of 5 min video clips of them and the places we have been. Too sentimental I guess? The last photo you see here is the resting place of my 2 best friends. They are home, the place where they grew up and experienced most of their life at. I planted a hemlock tree and buried each of them in our back yard under it. I think about them every day, and I hope some day to find 2 just like them again,

Rommel and Harley thank you .
Rob C


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