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Best Dog Gear Websites

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Best dog gear (collars/leashes/harnesses) websites?
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Personally, I'm a big fan of Ruffwear :)
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I like Ella's Lead - Home for cool custom made rope leashes and fancy collars.
Bold Designs for very cool leather harnesses and leashes and ditto Karma Collars KARMA COLLARS | Custom Leather Dog Collars | USA – Karma Collars: Custom Leather Dog Collars. Finally, my all time favorite leash comes from Dean & Tyler, Dean & Tyler: quality dog collars, leashes, harnesses, muzzles, professional training equipment, they also carry collars and harnesses too.

ETA: How could I forget Blocky Dogs for the most durable, hard wearing everyday collars for Blocky Dogs!
I've had good luck with Ortocanis for any type of specialty product like harnesses/brace type things. The rest of stuff like collars and leashes etc., I tend to buy from local stores near where I live.
I'm a real fan of Luxury On A Leash; they've literally got everything: leashes, collars, apparel, harnesses and all the doodads and whatnots. :)

Check out their luxury dog collars.
For competitive prices and free shipping, we love
They have adorable apparel, toys and tons of unique bedding options.
Clean Run , especially for motivational toys. I have a dog that has zero interest in toys, so their food-stuffable frisbee has been invaluable. He will chase & tug that & I don't have to put food into it anymore, but very rarely, I will 'recharge' by hiding a special goodie in there to get him going again.
They have all sorts of sport dog gear, toys, leashes, harnesses, agility equipment, etc...
Hello dear, In online, there are many sites, who provides dog collars, leashes & harnesses. A few days ago, one of my friends purchased Autumn Dog Coat from at an affordable price. I think it is the best website for Pet lovers.

Thanks & Regards,
Ruiez Flores

They are a small company who only sells one harness and seat belts for the car. I've had nothing but good experiences with them and like that they only focus on two products.
Best dog gear (collars/leashes/harnesses) websites?
Hi! I'll recommend 2 Red Dogs. :)

They have the best gear and accessories and other dog needs.
I like buying dog stuff on Etsy. They got all kinds of gear with themes like music, cartoons, and sports teams.
If you want more unique dog collars and leashes you could try
If you are on a budget like me , I use 100's of products to choose from & prices are great , example would be I was after some harnesses & visited Petbarn most decent ones were $30-$50 I fould a great one for $7 and it even had the aussie flag on it :) we are aussies

follow our adventures & maybe even make new friends
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