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Best companion for a Puggle

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Hello! This is my first post and I must say I am very excited to learn from all of you.

I have a 3 year old Puggle named Tucker who is great. He's trained, great with people and other dogs and is looking for a new friend. I have been playing with the idea of adding a new member to the family. So far it is mostly bigger dogs with labs and goldens winning the race.

My questions for you are:
What are the best (and worst) breeds for puggles to be paired up with?
Would a puppy lab or golden be suitable for my Puggle, assuming they met and got along?
Would you recommend another type of dog for any reason?

I appreciate all feedback and am excited to be a part of this community!

Chris :thumbsup:
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generally you shouldn't get a dog, because you think it wil be a companion for your dog.
Dogs don't think "Oh, i'd like to have a "little brother" to play with every day".
Dogs are not humans they think in status quos not on "what if"s.
when thinking about getting a dog, you should find a dog/breed that generally meets your taste and fits your life. You should get only a dog if you want another dog.

Neither beagles nor pugs are extremely small dogs, and they're usually relatively robust, so i think most of them would not suffer from having another dog.
However depending on your dog, i'd chose an adult animal that is well socialised with smaller dogs. A big, clumsy Puppy can hurt a smaller dog, without wanting it. Labrador Retrievers for example tend to play very rough and sometimes act like drunken bulls in a china shop, so i don't know if a puppy would work so well with your smaller dog. An adult may ork though.
the pugs I know are more people fixated though...they don't really need another dog in their "pack". :)
there are also breed that tend to be a bit less rough in their play style and social behaviour, poodles for example or some smaller shepherd breeds (Sheltie perhaps).
These breeds however bring also their own requirements with them, that you have to meet as their owner.
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