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These days the trend is to neuter dogs once they are fully adult. For a large breed dog that would be over a year. The contract for one of my puppies says he can't be neutered until he reaches 18 months. Chihuahuas mature younger, but I still wouldn't neuter at 4.5 months. I would not consider hiking a leg to be a behavioral issue; it's completely natural and normal behavior in a male dog. Peeing inappropriately indoors, whether by squatting or by lifting a leg, IS a problem, but it's a problem I would address via training.

I don't normally recommend potty pads, but I understand they might be necessary if you are housebound or if you don't have a safe area to walk a tiny dog. I would make a special potty area with a tray in a corner. Attach adhesive clips to the wall and hang a potty pad to make a pee curtain if he shows signs of lifting his leg.

I agree that you should still make an effort to get him out for walks if it is within your physical capability. He's tiny enough that you could use a dog stroller or a crate strapped to a rollator to give him outings for his entertainment and mental health. Plus the dog stroller could hold supplies for you and help with stability.
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