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As far as I know, dogs have three types of blue eyes

Merle causes often blue eyes and it is quite common in some breeds like collies.
This dog does not appear merle although merle can sometimes be cryptic which means there is so little merling that you don't see it or it is atypical. This dog has a black mask and if it was merle it should be visible on its head.

White spotting
If a white spot covers the dog's eyes or the dog has much white on its head, it can have a blue eye or blue eyes. Excessive white on the head with blue eyes is connected to increased risk to be deaf. This dog does not have white splash nor white markings so it would be surprising if the blue eyes were related to white marking genes. I wonder if the abovementioned beagle example was blue-eyed because of white markings. Other breed examples are split-faced/white-faced border collies and dalmatians.

Husky blue
Huskies have a semi-dominant gene that makes blue eyes and it is not related to its coat color. So a husky mix can easily have blue eye(s) that are not related to white markings nor merle. I have not heard of this type of blue eyes in other breeds. If someone knows a breed that exists with a similar mutation, I'd like to hear.

Brown and blue diluted dogs have lighter eyes than non-dilutes but the eyes I have seen are not bright blue like the ones mentioned above but more greenish gray or yellowish.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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