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Begale vs. Jack Russel Terrier

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Pros? Cons? Comparisons? I'm trying to decide and since I'm biased towards Beagles I'd like a second opinion on what breed is the better of the two for life with a fairly active family (Or at least main owner.), no kids and no fellow pets other than a fish or two.
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I am personally very biased to my Jacks. For us they are a perfect fit and I couldn't imagine having any other breed.

They are, as others have said, VERY high energy and we can only walk them off lead in certain places as their prey drive is so high. I have had to rescue my male from more than one rabbit hole and a chihuahua from my female stalking it.

My two get 4 walks a day, 2 half hour and 2 hour long and we give them puzzle toys to keep them thinking. They are the most amazing dogs if you put the effort and training and they will do anything for you - or a rope toy. They need constant input and feedback but I found that once you start training different tricks it becomes very addictive and you just want to do more and more, and they are more than willing to learn.

As far as dog aggression they are great with bigger dogs (fairly sure they think they fall into that group) but anything Yorkie size or smaller they see as something to be hunted down so we do have to watch out for them.

We've never had an issue with barking. Poppy and Nelson were taught to speak and sing at a young age which is supposed to help with this. Same with nipping/snapping. They've had fingers in ears and up noses (nephew and niece both under 5), make up applied, nails painted etc and neither have batted an eyelid.

Once I have my slippers on in the evening however they miraculously turn into lap dogs and love nothing more than a cuddle under a blanket.

I suppose it's like any breed. As long as you put the effort in they will be great, and with a JRT it needs to be quite a lot of effort.

I hope that helped a bit
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