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Basset Hound or Bagel Hound???

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Marley is the two year old queen of our West Virginian home whom we have thought was a Basset Hound since we adopted her. However, upon recent enlightenment from a television show, we now have reason to speculate that she could be a mixed breed.

So, people of this forum, we would like your opinion in the matter.

He are some of the shenanigan-related qualities that she possesses:
---separation anxiety
---wandering and pacing
---food-a-holic (she will eat everything in sight all day long if you let her)
---destructive nature
---high energy levels
---restless; never lazy
---stubborn and VERY hard-headed
---highly intelligent

And here is a list of her physical attributes:
---stalky, muscular build
---slender figure
---square head with high-set ears
---ears passing muzzle in length
---brown and white coloring only
---longer legs, but they point out (like a bassett)
---shedding (ALOT of shedding)
---sad eyes
---bellowing bark
---no drool
---very few wrinkles

Regardless of what she is, we will still love her throughout her lifetime of providing us with havoc and chaos and unique Marley-inspired surprises when we come home.


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Wow, she looks just like my basset hound, Shorty. She looks like she could be more of a working bred basset then a show line dog.

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I have a basset too! The only other person that I knew of having a basset was AnnaGekos! How cool! My Lucy had a little bit of seperation anxiety when we rescued her but it went away with time. You have to remember that if you rescued her she was most likely not in good conditions before she came to the shelter. Even if someone surrendered her there must have been a reason. She will get over that with time. Before I go to school in the morning I tell Lucy that "I'm going to work" and she tromps over to her bed and lies down. That is the only way we can get her to settle down on some mornings. As far as the random outbursts of high energy, that won't go away. Lucy has her crazy time after she eats. She does these insane laps from one end of the room to the other and barks and jumps for about five minutes. Then she goes off and takes another nap. We used to just fill my old dogs bowl and she would eat when she pleased but with lucy we have to measure out her food and give it to her at specific times because if we don't she will eat and eat and eat until she can't anymore. When we first got her we had been feeding her just regular Purina dog chow and we had the bag over in the corner of the kitchen. We fed her her food and she ate it all with in a few seconds it seemed. She then jumped on top of the bag and started barking and trying to rip the bag open. We just associated that with her being skin and bones when we first got her. We then told her no and got her off of the bag and fed her a little more. She kept begging for more like she was genuinley hungry so we kept feeding her. We later found out that Purina dog chow was full of fillers and bad stuff. We switched her to Purina Pro Plan for adult dogs. We mix in some veggies with her food and she always seems fuller and happier. They will always think that they are "hungry" but most of the time she just wants food just because. Maybe this is just Lucy but she does always want to be outside. She is actually pawing at the door as I type. She deosn't actually have to pee though. She just loves going on walks! Thats her favorite thing! Lucy is also extremely hard headed. She doesn't want to do anything that we ask her to do if she doesn't want to. When we give her a cookie we always make her do a "trick" such as lay down, sit, paw, something to that effect and if she doesn't want to do one of those, she will just paw at your arm and demand the treat. We of course don't give it to her until she does what is asked but it takes a while. Sometimes you have to out wit her. As far as intellegence goes, Lucy can be smart but sometimes she can be stupid. It depends heavily on her mood. Most of the things that you described were basset hound traits. My Lucy looks almost exactly like your Marley. She has some different patterns but she is the same figure wise. The only thing that is different about them is that your dog isn't lazy. Maybe it just depends on the dog but aside from Lucy loving walks, she is almost always sleeping. She refuses to believe that she isn't a lap dog. The other two things that are different are that Marley doesn't drool that much. Lucy drools at least enough to fill an olympic swimming pool a day. Sometimes it just makes me laugh when I get to schoo and my shirt has drool on it or something. She always has drool! As far as being destructive, that could be part of the seperation anxiety. It's different for different dogs. With Lucy she would just pace the house and jump up and bark at us through the windows and when we came home she would act like she hadn't seen us in years. She doesn't do that anymore but thats because she has gotten used to us coming and going. For the most part I would say that Marley is a Basset! Here is a picture of her wearing my socks...


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I can't say I see anything in your dog that looks un-Basset like. I would totally believe she's a purebred.
Thanks Annageckos, DoggieTalk, and TracieK88! I rescued her from a puppy-mill when she was just 6 weeks old, and I have had her since. Her birthplace was feeding her deer carcasses among other forms of roadkill!!! Needless to say, that place is shut down.
I honestly attribute most of her separation anxiety to being taken away from her momma at 3-4 weeks old.
She has always eaten either 4Health or Taste of the Wild. I know it is expensive, but it is WAYYY BETTERRR than other brands of dog food. (Even the ones claiming to not have fillers, definitely have them. Flaxseed, corn meal, by products, whey, whey protein...are all fillers.) I also prefer being able to pronounce 92% of the things that I feed my fur-babes. Also note: Anything beginning with "dextro" is sugar...
I have also learned that by providing them with a Grade A brand of chow, gives them a shining coat, more fiber content (which means ALOT less poop to clean-up) and no gas.
Perhaps this also explains her overly-efficient energy levels! haha
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I raw feed, even less poop! The dogs love it and no fillers.
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