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I know there's a sticky on this and I've read tons of resources. Maybe it's just the puppy blues, but Doppler's barrier frustration is killing me. He just whines forever. Thus far, I have been ignoring him - and after a few moments of calm silence I go in the room to play/take him out again/do some other impulse control training like Its Yer Choice and Crate Games.

It IS only week 2 so maybe I'm asking for a lot for him to quiet down a bit more, but it's 2 walks and 5 outs later and he still pees/poops inside uncrated while crying. He willingly goes into his crate and is quiet when I come home/am gone for the day/at night when everyone is asleep even though we've done minimal training for it since I've been focused on impulse control. The crying can last anywhere from 5 minutes (the first week was more like this) to a few hours (closer to last week). He had a pretty traumatic flight over, so I was expecting things to get crazier after the first week when he starts to feel more comfortable.

Other suggestions? Ideas are more than welcome. Please no "OMG YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE HIM CRATED WHEN HE CRIES LIKE THAT?!" He is very much so rewarded by proximity.

Books would be good, too. We're working through Susan Garette's Crate Games again, and Control Unleashed. I have lots pertaining to reactivity but less about barrier frustration and I would love to help him quickly since there's already enough housing concerns, but I know this takes time. I just don't want to waste any.
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