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Barking dog.

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I have two puppies that I have had since may. I let them outside to run around and potty while I'm home. They are trained to go potty outside as well. Lately they have been bringing up bones with meat on them. I'm assumming its dear because I'm in the country and my neighbor mentioned he had been hunting in the woods. So now, I'm seeing bones that he didn't properly dispose of. And my babies are getting ahold of now for a week. Its unsanitary and I'm scared they are going to catch a disease or something. Now, though one of my pups has been barking her tail off everytime we let her outside. Its non stop. She barks at absolutely nothing. Running back and forth our property and to the woods like she's gone crazy. This is not normal behavior for her. She only use to bark when someone approached. I'm really starting to worry. And now my neighbors texted me this morning and asked me if my dog was OK. So now her barking is starting to disturb others. Please give me halls opinion!
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if she was a little puppy in may she is maturing perhaps and getting a bit overzealous with being a guard dog and that's why she's barking...or she's just bored.
What kind of dog is it and what kind of exercise and training do you do with them every day.
If the barking is annoying the neighbours I'd keep the dogs inside when I'm gone.

make sure your dog's have all relevant vaccinations for your area, so they don't get sick.
Since they find the bones when you can't supervise them, it is difficult to train it out of them.
I'd think about investing in a fence high enough so that people can't throw stuff in there...there are some crazy people out there that throw poisoned meat in gardens to kill dogs or cats living there...especially when the dog bark a lot.
search the garden thouroughly before letting the dogs out there and make sure wild animals like deers can't get in your garden.
She is a weenie mix terrier. She gets about 6 hours or so of outside exercise! And playtime. But not so much since its got cold. She is an inside pup.
It's not unusual for dogs to run around barking at "nothing". Mine do it all the time. But what I have to remember is that they are barking at things I cannot see, hear, or (most often) SMELL. With hunting season on, your dog is probably catching a whiff of hunting dogs and deer and whatever other game is being disturbed and moving while the hunters are out. I've watched one of my dogs run out the door and start running around with his nose in the air smelling, his hackles standing up and him growling and barking like a ferocious beast. As far as *I* can tell, there's no reason for it, but he obviously smells a reason to get so worked up.

So don't worry about the barking. it's perfectly normal. Do worry about the dog getting into bones and things that might make her sick though. That's not cool.
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