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Barking barking barking for attention!

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Hello everyone,

I have a 55 pound Shepherd Blue Healer mix. When we go out and play he starts barking if I don’t throw the frisbee or ball fast enough. If I turn to talk to someone he starts barking barking barking. If I go over to the neighbors and he hears or sees me he starts barking barking barking. Sometimes if I’m busy and I don’t play with him he starts barking to get my attention. He also barks at every dog that goes by and I mean barks like he’s gonna rip your throat out. It’s so loud and shrill I scream at him. I know screaming is not a good thing but I jumped out of my skin at the sound of his bark. He does stop but I’m sure the whole neighborhood hears me. Yes I am reactive. I don’t know how to stop the barking. Anybody, suggestions, help, please. I feel horrible but I’m so reactive and I don’t know how to stop his barking or me being jolted by the shrill of his bark. I’m surprised my ears don’t start bleeding bc of the sound. Thanks for any suggestions.

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We need some serious help with this. Our dog barks at us constantly while we eat dinner or watch tv. If you are in motion she will follow you around, but she is quiet. We have tried the following:

1. Ignore the barking - She might stop after 10 minutes and lay down, but no long term impact. Resumes at the next opportunity.
2. Reward for good behavior - we will say quiet when she stops barking and reward with a treat. We will ask her to be quiet and lay down in her bed. Reward the good behavior. The problem is now she pops up instantly and starts barking again when the treat is gone.
3. Impulse control - tried the techniques in the video. She does very well. Not helping with her barking.

Any other suggestions?
Have you tried any of the methods above?
Yup. Sometimes it feels like we are making progress but then she does a quick 180.
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