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One of my dogs has Epilepsy and broke his streak on Saturday with 3 seizures. We increased the medication but have decided to start makng his food. Rosemary can be a trigger for dogs with epilepsy. Here are the two recipes I made and will alternate between breakfast and dinner. The chicken.sardine with be breakfast and lunch. The patties will be for dinner. He will get 1 cup of each.


2.5lb chicken
12 oz sardine (in spring water)
12 oz green beans
8 oz canned potatoes
8 oz canned yams
8 oz canned carrots
2 large cucumber, skinned and diced
2 yellow squash skinned and diced
3 cups brown rice

meat patties

4 lb ground beef (or any other ground meat)
1.5lb mixed veggies
and chopped sparsely

He will get a vit E capsule, crushed egg shell and a mineral/vitamin
supplement each day along with some flaxseed, coconut oil, and fish oil
if I go with recipe without sardines.

Am I missing anything? will this balance his meals out? I don't want him
to miss out on anything that he needs.
Thank you!
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