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Hello everybody.
I am new in the forum and hope to find help.
Since I was a kid we always had dogs, the last two were bulgarian shepherd dog - he lived in the back yard and died several years ago and one male bolognese dog - mix. He died May this year. Despite all the dogs I had I understand that I'm absolutely unprepared for certain situations. In mid-August we took mix puppy - he was then 40-45 days, and it is now 5 months old. The mother is half dachshund and half another, the father is unknown. When you go out with my dad he mess up the house, now we leave him in the yard while we are gone. When we go for a walk he is constantly pulling away. We go out regularly for a month and a half but I can not control him. When we pass a yard with a dog, he is glued to the fence, barely cut it off. Quite often dogs do growling and even trying to bite him through the fence, but Chochko does not care, he is stands proudly with his head and tail. When you go into the dog garden and he see another dog, he rushes after him, did not pay attention whether I call him or not. Quite often he tries to hump the other dogs. Does not just want to play. Yesterday there was a female dog at the beginning she banished by gently tried to bite him, but he did not leave her alone until he hump her.
Home if I sit on the couch without paying attention to himq he starts to cry and even growling without teeth. Just shows he is not satisfied. He eats before we do, because when he`s hungry starts to whimpering and crying. Of course he lays down the rules when going out to pee, when we should go in the house, he enter and come out first through the door, sleeping where he decides, he wants to play when he decided / pressure toys in my leg / wants petting when he decides, if I call him he might not come. Yesterday I noticed that he`s already protective of his food. If you reach out to him while eating he directly bite, not even growling.
I don`t let him get on the couch or in the bedrooms. I teach him commands, but I think he only do it for the treat.
Apparently he puts himself in the position of alpha dog / do not know whether it is possible for such an young dog / but I have no idea how to turn things. I try to go before him thought the door, but he uses every gap in the moment turned away. He also tries to bite me when I try to put his leash on.
Any ideas what to do?
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