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Yes, Australian Kelpies tend to be Black-and-Tan and have upright ears and a feathered tail.

However, they tend to be almost as tall as they are long, while your dog appears to noticeably longer than tall. They also don't have the feathering/longer hair around the ears.

(Gallery | ) This shows the basic kelpie structure.

I thought of two breeds when I saw your dog

Bohemian Shepherd (Chodský pes)

But the coat is longer than your dog, and while the Chodsky is a bit smaller than a kelpie, as well as less long-legged, it still is MORE long-legged than your dog.

Lancashire Heeler

But this dog is noticeably smaller overall as well as being shorter-legged than yours, and the coat is not as long especially around ears and tail.

Bohemian Shepherd is more rare than Lancashire Heeler. My thinking is you have a Lancashire Heeler mixed with something else that is giving it larger size in general, longer legs but still noticeably longer than tall, and a bit longer coat which is showing up in the ears.
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