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Hey guys, as the proud owner of 3 German Shepherds my life revolves around getting rid of dog hair LOL. It gets stuck in clothes.. on clothes... perpetually removing it on my way out the door...

I’m trying to get some opinions on a few things. My #1 problem is no matter what, dog hair sticks and collects to my leggings, gets stuck in my socks (and is still stuck to them, well more like woven into them, after washing them), and my at home athletics lounge wear ends up covered in it... would you :
  1. be interested in purchasing athletics clothing/at home lounge clothing (leggings, shorts, socks, tees, tanks) that “repel” dog/cat/animal fur or at least make it easy to wipe off instead of the hairs sticking or getting stuck in the clothing fibers?
  2. Do you know of any companies that already sell clothing like this?
Thanks all!! I know the trusty lint roller always works but, it would be nice to have a fabric that doesn’t statically cling to the hair or doesn’t let short fur get under the fibers...

*I am new to this site so please let me know if this post should go somewhere else
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