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Hi everyone,

I am making an appeal on behalf of a woman who currently lives in Weatherford, Texas. She has suffered quite a bit in the last few years, having become estranged from her family, lost a child, and escaped from a relationship with a violent man. When she was at her lowest ebb, she discovered an abandoned shih tzu who had been dumped on the street. She took the nervous and wary dog home with her and nurtured him. She credits the dog with saving her from depression and loneliness.

In time, she ended up with a ‘family’ of three shih tzu. One dog-Rudy- recently suffered an injury to his eye, but was successfully operated on due to a gofundme page. (I was one of the people who originally donated). During this period, Rudy’s owner had to put her other dogs into daycare, and, as a result, got into a small amount of debt. She had to move out of her apartment, and into a tent at a dog shelter for a short time as she tried to repay her debts. With Winter coming, she had to find somewhere a little safer to stay.

At the time of writing, she is living in a unsecured trailer. It has no water supply, holes in the floor, no lock on the front door and no form of’s not a suitable place for anyone, certainly no place for a woman who is on her own. She has approached churches and shelters for help, but they have turned her away on account of the dogs. In fact, most homeless shelters will not accept pets at all. The dogs are her life, they give her a meaning to carry on, so there's no question of her giving them up.

Pets can be so important to those without a family or home. The following link from Homepage - Pets of the Homeless explains why:

FAQs - Pets of the Homeless

Rudy’s owner is looking for work (she is trained as a mobile dog groomer) and is currently living on only a few dollars a week. She does not have the money to travel anywhere, so she is unable to go out and earn a wage. The little money she has going on keeping her dogs fed and warm.

The messages on her Facebook page show someone who is increasingly vulnerable, despondent and isolated.

She really needs a leg-up. For that reason, her gofundme page has been reactivated. If you would like to donate anything-no matter how small- it will be greatly appreciated. (Please bear in mind that $1500 of the current total shown-about $1900-was raised for-and spent on- Rudy's operation. She is starting from scratch. Since reactivating the account a week ago, she has raised about $400). Follow the link if you would like to help:

And here is a link to her Facebook page, where there are regular updates:

If you can't donate, please share the links!

Thank you for reading this pretty long message :)

Best wishes,

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