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We think BABY (she had Lupus) may have a tapeworm infection as she can not tolerate flea protection and we seen her biting after something jumped on her a while back. Her butt turned dark about a week ago but we have not seen segments yet but its bothering her rear and she is licking like mad and causing her abdominal problems (she has pancreatitis and bloated abdomen from the pred and not much room to spare). She had tapeworms last November and we never really did see signs until she was badly infected. But it seems to be going just like it did before. We treated and re treated the house real good, vacuumed for weeks but there was no way to find all the tapeworm eggs in the yard so any flea that comes by is almost 100% infected. And BABY bites and eats anything that gets on her. (Just so you all know, she is not infested with fleas). But she could not even tolerate a Seresto collar so not much can be done about other animals dropping fleas and then they jump on her and she eats them. Her lupus is so aggressive that she just can't be near any insecticides or pesticides.

Has anyone ever treated their dog with praziquantel while on immune suppressant drugs? And did it interfere with the AI meds from working? BABY had actually started her Atopica the day after we treated for tapeworms last year so we don't know what will happen. She is on other immune suppressant drugs also.

Last year BABY was given simplicef for an infection which we now know she is allergic to and was given Droncit tabs and it somehow stopped the reaction. We don't know if it blocked the simplicef from getting into her system or actually reversed the anaphylaxis. We are just concerned that the Droncit could possibly block her meds which would be real bad.

Anyone ever dealt with tapeworm meds and AI meds at the same time?

She seen the Derm Dr. about her red butt and so on last Friday
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