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I was going to respond to the initial post but got a message saying 90+ days, think of posting somewhere else. If I'm in the wrong, mods please move.
Initial post -

Otherwise. Following that idea has anyone had any close encounters with wildlife?

Myself I have lived in some pretty remote areas. I also rarely keep to the main hiking trails / old logging roads, etc. when I am out and about... the minute I see a passable deer trail when I'm hiking then I am gone down that regardless if this is North America or somewhere in Europe.


As a teenager, I was sitting on this rocky out cropping in the midst of sketching the meadow below when I heard something behind me. Turn around and there's this big male Eurasian wolf [if he was a loner he definitely wasn't skin & bones like most are] standing within a half dozen or so feet of me. I freeze, he doesn't. Rather after giving my tripod / my camera a few curious sniffs, which is closest to him, and leaning towards me to sniff but never near enough to really touch...he just turns tail and continues down the old deer trail I had followed in the early morning to get to my little hideaway.

I've seen a number of animals close. Gotten out of my truck to snap a photograph of one Grizzly once on the side of the highway, probably 100 feet if that. I (and a number of people actually in the lot) were licked by Dall Sheep in the parking lot of one of the national parks - they had turned us humans into their "salt licks".

I've surprised my far share of deer - and one moose and twin calves - on some of the trails I have taken. The wolf I spotted, was actually in the middle of nowhere in Germany and all I was thinking afterwards is no one is going to find me... definitely wasn't thinking that then, it was more "Wolf!... No don't pet it!".

I've gone hiking with friends when in Bhutan once and we were tracked by a tiger. I remember this quite well because we stopped by a small river to wash some stuff off [muddy, it was early spring] and look up... who is looking out at us from the fringe of the forested area we just left but this young Bengal tiger.

I have also had a vulture take off from the side of the road, so close that he was inches from hitting my head with his wing. And a large golden hawk was "nice enough" this summer to take down a dove or similar bird right while I was driving home on the back road - jumped out, grabbed my camera, and skimmed my way down to where it was having dinner. Didn't care, let me take photos.
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