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Any opinions on her possible breed(s)?

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I'm new to this forum & I'm wanting opinions on our dog's possible breed(s).:ponder: We adopted her from our local humane society in Nov., & they had her down as a hound/shepherd mix. She weighs about 50 pounds & is about a year old. She absolutely loves to play tug of war with her rope toys (her favorite), & fetch them, & balls. She likes to chew on them a lot too- we have to take them away from her at times because she'll chew up a tennis ball in no time. Overall, she's a GREAT dog. The photos were taken by the humane society- better views of her body than most of ours. Oh, & her name is now "Chestnut", aka "Chess(y)". Thanks!:)


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kind of looks like she has some pit-bull in her
First thought was a shepherd x lab of some variety, but maybe something else in there to get that more pointed noise/triangular face.

Second though would be a ridgeback x of some sort, but would definitely need to be a cross with another mix.

I don't see bully breed, the eyes and face are all wrong and the tail is too "fluffy". The body shape has a bit of bully in it, but that could easily be from other breed combinations as well. Based on what you said about her personality - shepherd x lab seems the most fitting.
Thanks for the opinions & replies. I've also been told she looks hound x shepherd, hound x lab, but ItsZe is the first to mention her looking like a bully breed mix. (I personally don't see that, but I see her everyday.) Regardless, I know that you can't go completely on the way a mixed dog looks, trying to figure out the possible breed mixture, unless it's a definite 50/50 mix. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I'm considering having a wisdom panel dna test done on her, but from what I've read from reviews, they aren't always reliable or accurate, so off to my next post/? about dna testing! :)
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