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Any idea what breed(s) she might be?

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I adopted my (very first!) dog from a shelter in my area about three months ago, and have received many questions from people regarding her breed. (Mainly where her ears come from!) The shelter said lab mix, but her vet papers (from the shelter's veterinary clinic) said hound mix. She does tend to walk with her nose to the ground, but as I'm a new dog owner and admittedly don't know all that much about the different groups of dogs, I'm unsure if that's solely a hound trait or if it's common among many breeds of dog.

Any ideas? I've heard everything from Rat Terrier to White German Shepherd (which I personally just don't see at all...) to Chihuahua. I just sent out a Wisdom Panel, but I know the results aren't 100% accurate.

If it helps, the shelter I got her from had taken her from a shelter in the Carolinas, and she was from a litter of strays. She's six-months-old and 21.4 lbs as of Friday. She's very calm indoors, but when she's outside she runs like a madman. She's very affectionate with people (including strangers), and is very dog-friendly. She HATES water.

These pictures are slightly older (and blurry!) but I just wanted to give a bit of an idea regarding her coat coloring, thought it still may be harder to see as it's white and blonde:

Any ideas or insight you could give would be much appreciated!
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The ear shape screams Pharaoh Hound to me, but they are not very common. Either way I thought Pharaoh Hound/Lab mix first or Malenois/lab mix, even though the Malenois ear shape is different but you can get all sorts of variations in mixes. Maybe even GSD/lab perhaps. She is very cute!
I could see some sort of sight hound, and lab. But there is probably something smaller. My first thought was Chihuahua or maybe rat terrier. I don't see scent hound, and most dogs will walk with their nose to the ground. She is cute whatever she is.
All dogs sniff with their nose to the ground. She might have some hound dog in her, but the breed that first came to mind when I saw her was Basenji. They have a very similar body structure, tail, ears and face as your dog. I could definitely see her being a Lab/Basenji/something else. Since they're rare and you might not know what they look like this is a Basenji.


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looks like a terrier mix to me.

I've seen photos of purposefully bred dogs for hunting where they crossed pitbulls and rat terrier /JRT with hounds. the body type reminds me a bit of them. they had floppy ears though.
Those ears are just so adorable!:D I see lab and the ears really do look like a pharaoh hound. However, as was already said, there not exactly common. Either way, she is precious. :thumbsup:
Basenji (The Ears/The Tail/The Muzzle it is all Basenji)

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