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Hi Everyone ~

It's been over a year since I've been on dogforum! I hope everyone is healthy and happy!

A few months ago Chewy tore his cruciate ligament, and he had to go in for surgery: TTA Rapid type (which is a newer type of procedure)

I'm wondering if anyone's had any experience with this? I'm hoping to find someone to talk to about his recovery.

His 12 week Xrays came out AWESOME a few weeks ago, and the surgeon said I could start weaning him off bed rest and begin to increase the activity - which I've been doing for about 2 weeks now. Things have been going perfect and he's been walking dang near perfectly.

Today I came home from lunch to find him limping again and not bearing any weight on the leg :eek::(

I called his vet and his surgeon, who think maybe he's already strained the muscle after introducing the physical activity. I'm also picking up a pain med and an ani-inflamatory RX for him later today.

After doing so well, I'm sick with worry thinking we've un-done all his healing! Anyone have any experience with this surgery and recovery??
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