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Jackies are really intese dogs. I'm sure it will need a lot of mental and physical exercise.
they can also be quite agressive towards smaller dogs or animals and some are a bit snappy which makes them not the greatest fit for a house with a toddler in my opnion. older children that know how to interact with a dog are probably fine.

I think in your case I'd chose a less intense breed or mix.
the slightly bigger dogs are often better with children. generally small children should not be close to a dog when you can't control it. No direct interaction.
with cats it is also a bit of luck but most dogs can be trained to leave your own cats alone (not the neighnouring or unknown cats though). Any dog of any breed can show some preydrive.

what do you think of poodles. they fluffy, they are inellingent, but they're more willing to work together with humans and are pretty good at adapting.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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