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JRTs are seriously intense dogs. They are a HANDFUL. They are very smart (which means they are capable of making their own fun, and not always fun that you want!) JRTs are terriers, which means they have a decent prey drive, so I would be careful about how you introduce them to your cats. They also can be quite nippy, so I would again supervise closely with your child.

Now since you are looking at a cross-breed, your dog could end up with some, none, or all of the classic JRT traits. Personally, I think a JRT would be too much for me.

Here is a thread of someone dealing with a fairly intense JRT: JRT Puppy

Personally, I don't recommend the smaller breeds to people with children as it doesn't always work out. Children react VERY different than adults, and dogs (particularly small dogs) get kind of freaked out by them. That's not to say it can't work out, but it will require a lot of work.
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