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Hi everyone!

I recently rescued a little dog from Romania. We have had her four months now. She had a variety of behavioural issues when we got her (petrified of people and other dogs), but with the help of a behaviourist (and lots of chicken!) we have pretty much overcome those now.

However, our current problem is that she has become very attached to me, and becomes quite stressed and whines excessively if I leave her, say, with my partner while I go into a shop. She is fine being left alone at home- we can leave her for hours and it's not a problem. She seems to yelp at the door once maybe, but then just settles straight down and goes to sleep in her bed or on the sofa. But i I leave her for a few minutes when we are out, she gets very worried.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can tackle this? :ponder:

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