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A Campylobacter outbreak has so far sickened at least 40 ppl in 7 states, carried by puppy-mill pups sold via PETLAND, a national chain of pet-supply stores that also sell industrial-scale puppies to a gullible public.
Other ppl or pets may have been made sick, but it wasn't reported or they didn't go to a Dr / vet; Campylo causes diarrhea, which can be attributed to anything & overlooked as a symptom, if it resolves.

The ppl who got sick, recently:
- worked for Petland
- visited a Petland store
- bought a pup from Petland
- lived with (or visited the home of) a Petland-sold pup

There's a wide range of ages [<12-mos to 64-YO]; so far, no-one is known to have died.

"Symptoms of Campylobacter usually begin within 2 to 5 days of exposure to the bacteria, & include diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps, nausea, & vomiting.
... To prevent the spread of disease... the CDC recommends that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap & water every time you have contact with dogs, their food, or their messes - including dog poop, pee, & vomit.
Signs of illness in dogs include sluggishness, loss of appetite, diarrhea, & abnormal breathing.


Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsy, Tennessee, & Wisconsin have all had human cases - the article doesn't mention Campylo cases in dogs; this is the CDC, & their concern is human-health - but i'm sure there have been some.

Please BE AWARE of recently-purchased pups, ASK where they came from, & if U work at a dog-daycare, shelter, vet's office, etc, pass this on - the outbreak has been ongoing for a year, now, & this is the 1st public notice. :eek:

The diarrhea, abdominal pain, & fever last about a week; most ppl get better on their own. Children, pregnant women, & immunocompromised persons - WHICH INCLUDES anyone taking steroids! - are more-likely to be hospitalized.

Wash hands, get under fingernails, glove-up for clean-up [kennel runs, iso cages, grooming salons, poop pick-up, RAKING the home lawn & picking up leaves / cut grass / litter, etc].

I keep hoping we'll get Federal legislation to ban industrial dog-breeding, but the AKC has joined forces with the puppy-mill industry, & the Am Kennel Club runs a massive lobbyist operation. :headshake:
When the largest "...for the dogs" organization goes to the Dark Side, prospects are dire. :(

- terry

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