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Hello Everyone,

Was just curious if anyone else in this forum feeds Annamaet and would love to know how your dogs are doing on it. I have been feeding it off and on for a few years now with my dog Willow, she has done fantastic on it!

I recently started feeding it to my pup Fenway (8 months old), it seems to be the only food his tummy has been able to tolerate since bringing him home at 10 weeks old. He was on Metro for almost a month (Coccidia) and his stool was never completely formed until I switched to Annamaet GF a couple of weeks ago. I am happy to see him finally having a normal poop BUT his poops are huge! Fenway is on the lean side and could stand to fill out a little. I am feeding him 3 cups a day and I am wondering if I should cut him back because of the volume of stool or do you think I should stay with the amount I am giving because he is still a growing puppy?
Sorry lots of questions! I just want other opinions :)

Here is a picture of Fenway from the side 7 months.
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Fenway now 8 months
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Cant forget my girl Willow 5 years old
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