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Hello! I am Anna Shipley and the most important fact about me for the forum is that I have 4 dogs. The oldest is 12, Krieg, a male. The youngest is another male, Leo, who turned one in October. We have 2 females, Freiden, 9 and Madde, 6. They are German shepherds. They are inside until we go out. They stay inside at night.

We are having aging issues with the two older dogs and pack issues with the youngest. Leo is the most head strong dog I ever had. He terrorizes the older dogs.

My husband and I love dogs, of course. I had as many as four before my husband and I met. He held the number to one in his past.

We live in Southern Indiana on 10 acres. We are retired now so the dogs get plenty of attention.

Glad to be here, hope to make contact with other members. If you live in the area, let me know!:dog-cool:
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