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An intro about me and my dog

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Hello all and sundry!

I probably should have started here - but I didn't.
My excuse is senility - I'm into my seventh decade.

I'm a Scot, retired electrical engineer, and live in England. That's enough about me.

We have a dog - why else would I be here?.............:)
A collie. He's from a rescue centre and a little over two years old.

A big active friendly chap and he loves children. One for breakfast, one for dinner..........

Ever so slightly more seriously, he is as sociable as they come.

This is kiss and make up with little dog who was biting his tail...

Or maybe:

"Listen pal. I have this left hook ready to wipe that silly grin off your face if you keep bugging me."
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Hello to you as well as with your dog, welcome aboard. You have great dog. Hope you can share and get ideas and advice here.
Hello to you as well as with your dog, welcome aboard. You have great dog. Hope you can share and get ideas and advice here.
I grew up on a farm in Scotland with about 3,000 sheep so we had collies then which is why I plumped for the same breed now that I have the time that a big, active dog needs.

I'm not sure what advice I can offer. I think the biggest element is trust. We hadn't had the dog long, a few weeks at most, before we were confident enough to let him off the lead/leash. If he loves and respects you, he won't disapper over the horizon we reasoned. He was fine and has been ever since. And very good with getting it back on.
A little update on Max. And his manners.

He knows when we are going to walk
He flops down in the hall when I am puting my walking boots on and waits by the door while I get his lead and stock up on poo bags. When I open the fron gate he waits for direction, right or left - he picks up on those words.

We make him breakfast and dinner at regular times. He knows and lies on the kitchen floor while it's being prepared and waits until he is told it's breakfast/dinner before taking it.
Similar with the car - he waits for instruction to get in or out.

For sure, he still has quirks. He barks when the shower is turned on or off but he is getting over that. The shower pump still gets that look. And, when he wants me up, he can whine a bit and try to roll me over And he is quite a big dog.

We stroll on.
Another update.

We had two grand girls ( 4 and 8 years old) for a long weekend. One day we went to a local park that has lots of trees. The idea was to make mud faces on a tree. Naturally, Max the dog went with us. He was very protective of the two little girls and made sure no other dogs got close. No barking, biting, or growling..........just the stance and stare that collies can give was enough to ward them off.

That surprised and pleased me.
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