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Lucy is the founder and CEO of The Honest Kitchen.

She’s guardian to (and mildly obsessed with) Willow and Taro, her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Parker, her Border Terrier puppy. She also shares her life with two daughters, a former racehorse, three slightly naughty ponies, six chickens and a husband.
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Lucy spearheads all operations, corporate & product development, strategy and marketing for The Honest Kitchen. With extensive experience as a companion animal nutritionist, Lucy’s an innovative entrepreneur who’s passionate about advanced nutrition and holistic pet health including complementary modalities such as herbalism and homeopathy. Her interest in natural nutrition and the raw food diet led Lucy to investigate ways to make her own pet’s food more convenient to prepare, which eventually resulted in her founding The Honest Kitchen.
On top of all that, she recently penned her first book ‘Dog Obsessed’ (available for purchase here) and we sat down with her to get the lowdown on the book (and how she found the time to write it!).

Q: How did you come up with the title ‘Dog Obsessed’ and what does it mean exactly?

Lucy: We came up with the title Dog Obsessed to really try to capture the essence of who we all are as a company, and who our customers are at The Honest Kitchen. It struck me that many of the things we all think are totally normal – like making cakes to celebrate our dogs’ birthdays, leaving parties early (or not going to them at all) because we’d rather be home with our pups, and obsessing over their personality quirks – are actually slightly odd to outsiders and I thought it would be so fun to celebrate those things, whilst also creating a guide that would really help people provide the healthiest, happiest life possible for the pups they love. Dog Obsession is the all-out devotion that many of us feel for our dogs, and then ultimately putting their needs, wants and happiness above all else.

Q: Where did you draw ideas and inspiration from?

: Honestly, a huge amount of the inspiration came from the team here and also from our customers. We used social media to ask specific questions, and invited people to share their own stories of dog obsession. We then wove many of those into the book, either as anecdotes or general themes. I also really wanted to make this a functional resource for readers. A lot of the content is based on the advice we’ve been giving customers for many years about how to think holistically about their dogs’ wellbeing, as well as sharing my thoughts on topics like puppy mills versus responsible breeding.

Read more at The Honest Kitchen blog.
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