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My dog Turbo is a happy active kelpie. He fell off the back of a ute a few years ago, hyper-extending his wrist. After a long recovery he can still walk on it, but we keep having continuous issues with that leg and paw.

The pad of his injured leg is... I want to say weaker than it use to be, it cannot handle tough terrains like the rest of his pads, gets sore very quickly and sometimes looks to be rubbing thin.
The rest of the leg gets sores so easily. Just recently we have been healing a massive hole, up near his elbow, and he got it from laying on the hard red dirt (tough terrain). This hole has taken a while to heal but we are nearly there, thankfully :)

This poor dog just has one thing after another, not that any of the issues have changed his eagerness or happiness, though he always pays for it once he rests, so I always feel like a horrible Mum for stopping him from doing things including exercising (always wants to get wet once hot and not allowed with dressings on). I'm hoping for some guidance, suggestions, and help, to hopefully make his life consist of less soreness.

My questions are....
1. What is a great product (home made, store bought) that can help tough/strengthen the pad of his injured paw?
2. Are there vitamin tablets or food products that can strengthen his leg (internally and externally)? I've read Iron is great for healing??

Thank you

Nat and Turbo
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