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We recently learned that our beloved 10-year old Australian Shepherd has osteosarcoma in her front left leg. Our choices are either palliative care for a few months or amputation/chemo. Everything about her is great except she has some arthritis (the worst of it in the same leg) and, of course, the pain from the cancer. We want to amputate. It's the only way to remove the pain and keep her. But, we are somewhat overwhelmed with the decision and, frankly, expense and we hope to understand more.

We know some dogs who have three legs. They have been chipper, upbeat, and playful. But, they were also young. We are wondering if anyone can share their experience with amputation in aging dogs, how they adapt, how you would judge their quality of life.

Also, if anyone would kindly share cancer survival stories, too. Her oncologist says that 50% of dogs with this cancer survive a year or more after this aggressive treatment. But, the doctor didn't know the break out of the less successful 50%, types of dogs, ages, how long they lasted, etc.

Thanks much!
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