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amo wakes up EVERY night for TONS of water

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I don't know if I should be concerned or frustrated. I can't ever sleep through the night, because Amo doesn't. He's 3 months old, and crate trained

He needs to sleep in the crate at night. There's no telling what he will do while I'm not paying attention. But every night after a few hours he whines until I get up and give him like 16+oz of water. He will lay there in front of the water dish and drain it and if he wants more he smacks at it and wont rest until I get more.
And this is the middle of the night, can't be smacking things around.

Then of course I have to get up around 4am and let him pee.

Is this an abnormal amount of water? It's difficult to measure 24hr period because my dogs will drink each others water if I give them two.
If this is totally normal, how can I get my good nights sleep? Tips would be appreciated
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He's 31lbs give or take
There are some health problems that can be indicated by drinking a lot of water. You could check with your vet on this. That said, this sounds more like he's just learned if he wants water he can cry until you give it to him. I would try to go a few nights without giving him water- as hard as that is- and see if he will stop crying after awhile.

I don't personally recommend putting water bowls in crates, and actually recommend just a pad/little bed, maybe a blanket, and sometimes not even any toys in a dog's crate at night. During the daytime is a little different, but at night a puppy will wake up and make all kinds of racket if there's a bowl with them the in crate.
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