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3 weeks ago my seemingly healthy 7 yr old female American bulldog started having vestibular symptoms. The symptoms started with the loss of balance/staggering, head tilt and circling. She worsened each day to the point where she could no longer stand. I've had her to two vets. They had us start a course of treatment for possible inner ear infection but the symptoms continued to worsen dramatically the following week. As a result, we checked her in last week for clinical care. By this point she had stopped eating. The vet she is with now says she has megaesophagus and believes this is all likely caused by a neurological issue such as a brain tumor. They are recommending we euthanize as she has no quality of life a this point. I do not want her to suffer, but is their anything else i should be looking at before going this drastic route?
Just hoping there is someone here that has had some experiences in the past.
Thanks very much,
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