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Am I an Australian Kelpie or Kelpie mix?

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We picked this guy up at our local dog shelter, apparently if nobody did by the end of that day, they'd have to put him down since they were getting so many dogs from local flooding and had no space. This guy was there for a month and half with nobody wanting him.

The shelter said he is a German Sheperd mix, but the more I look online, the more I think he is a Kelpie mix. Some of the pictures of him and Kelpies on the internet are almost identical.

The shelter said he is about 1 yr 9 months old and about 50 lbs. He currently has heartworm, but still LOVES going outside on walks. We took him on a 2 mile hike this past weekend and he was pooped afterwards. An hour later he wanted to go for a walk through the neighborhood again, he could go for a walk every hour if he could. He is very loving towards us, rarely barks. Only the past 2 days did he start barking at people who came into our house to fix some things, so it seems like he is getting more protective of us.

So, does he have Kelpie in him?

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He is a very hansom dog. But please, correct me if I'm wrong but aren't you suppose to limit activity when a dog has heartworm. Hopefully you get that all cleared up.
I guess I should clarify .. we are currently fostering him to see if it works out, haven't fully adopted him.

I did read about limiting activity, but he is not yet on treatment. And he loves going on walks, constantly walking towards the front door. The shelter will sponsor the treatment but not until someone adopts him. If and when we adopt him, we will immediately start treatment and definitely keep exercise at an absolute minimum.
50lbs is a little on the large side for a kelpie, but he has the body shape, color, and fur of a kelpie. I'd guess mostly kelpie. Face looks a bit different so mix
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