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This was originally written September 27 th this year but some glitch on the page prevented me from sending it. So I saved it on my hard drive intending to post it later but it took its time:

I took Alva to a rally-O trial today. And this was our best official run ever. It was our second trial in open class. She disqualified the first in August by exiting the ring at the first sign. So no wonder that I had spaghetti in my feet when I entered the ring today. I felt that I am going to do something stupid at any moment or that my dog gets overexcited and starts goofing around again.

So we start. Alva turns nicely, sits and lies down. She jumps and returns to my side, spins, and stays in sit when I turn right. Then there is a nice run sign. Alva likes to run so it was a bit sad that after the weave we had to return to normal pace.

When there was three or four signs left I started to feel that we might get a clean run, or well, almost clear, she sat down slowly in the last stop at that 1 - 2 - 3 steps sign. I felt tension growing in me. Stay cool, I told to myself and told my dog to keep calm for she was making excited little growls. And so we walked around three cones, two cones and the last one. We weaved between a tennis ball and some chew thing in a box. And the next sign was a red star with the text FINISH.

I knew we got good points. I did not worry. I looked at the list where they wrote the scores and we got 99 points out of the 100. This was also the best score so we won the class too. Yep, Alva, when we do not utterly fail or behave like someone had scared us, we are really good.

Here is the video: Alva's Rally Obedience trial September 27th, 2015
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