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Alternative methods to traditional sterilization

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Hey guys,

I know that some of you are already aware that early spay/neuter can cause some issues. I recently found a study that shows all forms of gonadectomy(removal of testes/ovaries) can also cause issues.

I want to do a write up on the study but I am having trouble finding alternatives to the traditional methods. So I'm looking for a form of sterilization that would leave the testes/ovaries intact, while still preventing procreation.

Any insights?
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I know there is a birth control implant for male dogs called 'Suprelorin' that is being used in other countries but is not yet available in the U.S.(but should be soon!) It is a removable implant that last for 6-12months, and according to what I have read, a male will still be able to be used for breeding when it is removed.
Also used as a trial, to see if castration will affect a working dog's working, herding or hunting drive if castrated. It is available in Australia, New Zealand and European Union

P.S. Although it has only been approved for Male dogs it has also been found to work on Females also and they are working to get that approved also.
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