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Some here know, I have been struggling with Jaya's allergies. At one point, this winter, as I tried out different dog food, wondering if it was food based, I thought, "Wow, I finally found the right dog food! No more scratching, and sneezing"

The the snow melted. : ( Almost as soon as the first flush of green arrived, Jaya was scratching so hard as to gouge holes into her ribs, stomach, and has even managed to do one above her eyebrow and I once woke up after a nap to find her muzzle totally bloody and a big scratch too on the edge of her nose.

I tried Predizone (sp), plus and other drug...can't recall the name at the moment, and she's had steroid shots. Daily she gets doses of Benydril or Chlorotabs. All have side affects...the Predizone was the worst...she about peed my house under...and her personality changed. All the progress I made in getting her away from her more feral state of mind...seemed to be lost. She became afraid of things again, but also would sometimes stand and growl at the wall or things like that. I took her off the stuff, even though it was stopping the ichies.

Anyway. About a year before I got Jaya, I was in a wheelchair, and my lawn went to hell...a big thistle patch got going in it in about a 8 foot x 10 foot was totally all thistle. The lawn wasn't getting watered much and my sister and niece were coming by maybe once a month and running my gas lawn mower over it.

Once I got out of the wheelchair after being in it for almost 5 month, and ended up on disability, I went out and adopted Jaya, but also bought a riding lawn mower. Neither my gas mower, nor this riding mower had bags on them...everything was mulched back into the yard.

Now I'm in the process of trying to reclaim my lawn back by doing sections of thistle killing and grass planting. I got to wondering today if Jaya's problems haven't been so much allergy as irritation from all those thistle nettles that have been shot through the lawnmower and ejected halfway across the lawn from that 8 x 10 area. ???

Jaya likes to lay on the lawn near that area, while HaHa rarely goes over there. He'll lay in a doggy tent on the porch or whine and pester me to let him in the house...while Jaya is more comfortable/relaxed being outside. She's still very feral in many ways and the house walls close in on her pretty fast some I let her out as much as I can during cooler/colder weather and she has a good thick coat and loves the cold weather.

So...anyone ever hear of an 'allergy' that didn't turn out to be so much an allergy as it was just minute debris causing the this case, the nettles/hairs from thistle plants that ranged from a few inches off the ground to almost waist high at some times. I'm now almost imagining this as having the same effect that fiberglass insulation can have when it's 'dustings' get down inside clothing when one is working with it.

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