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Zuko has allergy symptoms yet again. (had them last year as well) Same symptoms-irritated and itchy feet that he's licking, although this time he's got some irritation on his top lip as well this time. We haven't changed anything in the house (no new detergents, cleaning supplies, other pets) or outside (still the same old suburban backyard lawn with a few weeds, treated several times a season by a landscape service) The only food change was from his puppy food (science diet puppy) to adult food (Instinct raw boost- beef) just after his first birthday. He gets CBD-infused allergy/immune support chews as well as a general heath supplement (zesty paws 8-in-1)

He was at the vet for a small wound on his paw (unrelated-vet said it was a puncture from him stepping on something sharp), and was prescribed antibiotics for that along with Benadryl (50 mg 2x/day) for his allergies. She recommended allergy testing, either through her practice or a vet dermatologist.

I've been looking at the at-home allergy test kits available online as well. Reviews are all over the place both good and bad...they work well, unreliable, poor customer service or turnaround time, etc.

I was debating getting the at-home kit from DNA my dog.

Anyone have experience with the at-home kits?
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