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Well, the dogs aren't actually mine. I'm a pet sitter, their caretaker. I treat them all as if they're my own. I've been foraging around our company's facebook page. All of these photos were taken by either myself or my boss.

Me and Penny (mutt) RIP old girl

Squishy (Norwegian Elkhound)

Roscoe (Miniature Dachshund; Penny's "brother")

Moke (Bichon Frise)

Agi (GSD; Shouldn't play favorites, but ahhhh!)

Molly (Border Terrier) and Zelda (Irish Wolfhound)

Bonnie (tripawd BMD; Zelda's "sister") RIP

Sophie (Aussie mix) and Fenris (brother's Sibe)

Better photo of Sophie, her "brother" Gus

Chill E Verde (Senegal Parrot... not a dog)

Puck (Doberman)

Cosmo, JJ, and Penny (Pekignese)

Liam (Golden) and Zeppelin (Labrador)

Blitz (GSD)

Sophie (Beagle) from potato to princess

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