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Might be a long post, ive not worked out how to make the pictures smaller
(If it does come out bad can someone give me tips in the comments haha)

Max - Black Labrador Born 05-07-06 Pictured with my gorgeous nephew Jacob. My first ever puppy, Really is the perfect dog!

Ruby - Springer Spaniel - Adopted so not sure when she was born, but was in 2005 (Moved to New Zealand Mid 2014 with my mum)

Roly - Springer Spaniel - Not exactly sure his birthday, but he passed away 15-01-2015 :( (Also moved to NZ with my mum in 2014)

Lando - Border Collie - Born 17-06-2013 My first dog ive bought with my own money and came with me when i moved house :)

Nuka - Border Collie - Born 25-05-15 Our new addition! very greedy and playful!

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